Our Story

(In the words of the founder)

           Hello reader(s), I am happy that you have found your way here. I'd like to think that the idea to start this was organization was my own spontaneous idea that I magically came up with. Begrudgingly, I have to give my sister some credit for the initial idea. 

           In all seriousness, the impacts of COVID-19 have far outreached anything that anyone initially had thought, and one of the groups that has been most impacted is a group of people that are often most neglected in our society. I am talking about our superiors, our seniors, or as I like to call them our grands. Our grandparents and senior community have seen the impacts of COVID-19 both physically and mentally, but also very much socially.

           On my mother's side, my grandma, who lives in an assisted living building, has been impacted dramatically socially. She has not been able to see her friends, visit her family, and does not have the technical skills to connect with us via technology. These restrictions have tremendous impacts on her happiness, well-being, and ways that she connects with people everyday. Even my grandparents on my dad's side, who in contrast are more technologically literate, still suffer from loneliness and isolation. It was only recently (towards the end of the 2020 summer) that I realized that there must be many other folks that were living in the exact same situations as my grandparents. I figured that not only could I inspire kids around my own age to start conversations with their grandparents, I could introduce kids to seniors that they did not know. Seniors that have been stuck in isolation may not have the conversations with family and friends that some of us are so fortunate to have. 

          Lastly, I hope that this organization can bring happiness into people's lives, inspire conversation, and make everyone feel a little more connected while being far apart. I also hope that the younger generation and myself, can gain a deeper appreciation for the art form that is writing and receiving letters, something that I believe an often neglected form of communication and connection amongst people. 

- Davis

Our Mission

          Our goal is to inspire conversation and connect different generations in an easy and convenient way for anyone. I hope that new friendships will form and joy will brought to someone's life, if even for a brief moment.